Industries of Culiacán S.A. de CV, has adopted the ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality management system that guarantees that its films are produced following standard procedures that provide for the assurance of quality in the raw materials, in the product in process and finished product before being sent to the customer. . The types of resin and materials are invariably maintained, as well as the formulas and processes used to produce our films. What guarantees that the quality is constant and repeatable every time we have a requirement from our customers.

Our greenhouse cover films, tunnel covers, hydroponics bags, gutters, padding, etc. in their different dimensions, they satisfactorily comply with the values of mechanical and optical properties stipulated in their respective technical data sheets.

The evaluations of materials (mechanical properties and optical properties) are determined following the standards and methods ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) established for each case used internationally.

The useful life of our materials (protection against ultraviolet radiation) is monitored in our laboratory using accelerated weathering chambers according to the provisions of the ASTM G154 standard for this case.

With regard to additivation to impart the properties or special characteristics to our films such as: shadow, diffusion, thermal, anti-dust and anti-drip, these properties are evaluated following methods and procedures developed in ICUSA with the advice of institutions in our country.