Our covers for macrotúnel guarantee their duration and are produced in thicknesses according to the required duration and the geographical area where they will be installed. Special to withstand the degradation of the sun’s rays, combining resistance and long duration.

Tipos de Películas para Macrotúneles:

It has excellent properties:

  • Mechanics: Tear Resistance Dart Impact, Rupture and Elongation.

  • Optics: Light Transmission, Diffusion and Shadow.

The function of this type of film is to protect the crop from: excessive radiation, winds, heavy rain, frost and hail.

The technology we use in Culiacán Industries in the manufacture of roofs for macro-tunnels, allows us to offer you the best quality in the market.

Benefits of Macrotunels:

  • The development of the plants is greater and more accelerated.

  • Yields increase (up to 3 crops per year).

  • Crops outside the traditional times.

  • Precoses harvests with greater economic value.

  • Water saving, evaporation is reduced.

  • Less use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

  • Higher quality fruits (clean healthy, uniform).

  • Minimizes the attack of birds and insects.

  • Safety

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