They are important resources for agricultural activity, since they are the containers that contain the material in which the plants are developed.

Benefits of Hydroponics Bags:

  • Easy drive.

  • Lower cost compared to other containers.

  • Reusing the substrate facilitates disinfection.

  • Greater control of pests and diseases.

  • Maximum efficiency in the use of water and nutrients.


Types of Hydroponic Bags:


  • Coextruded plastic films with excellent mechanical properties which guarantee an optimal performance during the duration time for which they were built.

  • Our films allow the creation of an optimal environment for the development and productivity of crops by modifying the incident radiation that reaches the crop avoiding radiation that is not favorable to the development of the plants and modifying and allowing the passage to those that bring them a benefit as the photosynthetically active and the diffuse.

  • They effectively fulfill their task of protecting crops from excess radiation, hail, low temperatures, winds, insects, birds, rodents and excess moisture from heavy rains.

  • Duration 1,2 and 3 years.

  • Thicknesses of 4.0, 6.0, 7.20 and 8.0 thousandths of an inch. Width 10

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