We manufacture covers in coextrusion for greenhouses, which allows the use of additives and an adequate selection of raw materials for each layer, obtaining specialized plastics, with excellent mechanical properties and a better cost-benefit ratio for our customers.

They prevent the passage of insects that feed on plants or are carriers of viruses that reduce the life of the crop and reduce yields and the quality of production.

Tipos de Películas para Invernaderos:

Counts With Excellent Properties:

Mechanical Properties:

It is the necessary force required to break a movie. It is measured in both directions of the film.

It is the stretch that can support the material before breaking.

Impact force that resists a movie.

It is the necessary force to propagate the tear, once it has been started. It is measured in grams strength.

Optical Properties:

Ownership of the films is very important as it directly affects the development and productivity of the crop.

It is the amount of total visible light that allows the film to pass into the greenhouse.

The unit of measurement is in percentage. Solar radiation is a very important factor in the precocity, quality and productivity of the plants, so that as much as possible of this.

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